IRINOX 101: The Proof is in the Freezing

Dec 20, 2021

Want to understand the mechanics of water crystallization related to techniques developed to maintain the quality and safety of frozen foods? Typically, blast chillers and shock freezers require food to cool to a resting temperature before being used to freeze the food.

Having an IRINOX blast chiller in your kitchen means raising the level of your food preparation, storage, and service methodologies, allowing you to position your commercial kitchen ahead of the curve.

Macro-crystals vs. Micro-crystals

From the perspective of frozen food quality, it is essential to know the relationship between macro-crystals and micro-crystals. If you aren’t freezing your products correctly, the water, which can account for over 90% of your food, congeals slowly, over expands the cell walls of your food cell and causes what we know or refer to as “bleed”.

When these macro-crystals ruin the cell structure of your food cell, the food loses its volume and freshly-made flavor, textures and quality.

On the other hand, micro-crystals which are formed when freezing food fast, what we call “Shock Freezing”. With an IRINOX, you can freeze the liquid in the cell before it over expands and breaks the cellular structure. This helps to maintain the initial quality of the food and will not ruin the structure of mouth-watering dishes

IRINOX Form and Function

IRINOX products represent revolutionary technology, guaranteeing unprecedented customization, sustainability, power, and innovation. Aside from blast chilling and shock freezing from the finished cooking temperature, the IRINOX MultiFresh NEXT® can accomplish surprising things.

Multifresh NEXT® features up to 12 functions and 150 different cycles. IRINOX blast chillers can be customized based on your needs to keep products fresher for longer.

How do you need your IRINOX foodservice equipment to function? IRINOX can be configured to meet your needs. A multi-functional piece of equipment tailored to your kitchen’s requirements. Customized configurations can help you select the perfect cycles and functions for your gourmet cooking, pastry, bakery, and ice cream processes.

IRINOX is your Micro-Solution with Major Benefits

When considering your foodservice equipment need, temperature fluctuation and a decline in freshness can cause significant problems. Each time the temperature changes, the food changes.

Traditional methods of shock freezing transform the liquids in food into macro-crystals. IRINOX has introduced the concept of rapid cold and high-quality preservation in the world of catering, pastry, ice cream, bread making, and the entire foodservice industry.

Fresh foods are perishable, and freezing (properly) is a popular way of maintaining the quality and safety of your food.

IRINOX has built a reputation for fulfilling the needs of any commercial kitchen:

  1. Optimize the management of processes in the kitchen, increasing the economic return of your company.
  2. Serve healthier foods, preserving nutrients and organoleptic properties.
  3. Increase the shelf life of foods while reducing food waste.
  4. Reduce food costs.
  5. Boost your service speed.

All while making your kitchen more flexible, innovative, and adaptable. Having IRINOX MultiFresh NEXT® foodservice equipment in your kitchen means raising the level of your food preparation, storage, and service methodologies.

Any questions?

Whatever your macro and micro needs, IRINOX has you covered.

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