Tucs Equipment

Innovative solutions to complex foodservice and food processing problems.

Tucs Equipment

Increase food safety and quality while reducing food and labor costs.

Marty Tucs and his Food Process Equipment Team have earned a reputation over 35 years for developing very innovative solutions to difficult food processing problems. With a 80,000 square foot production plant located in Princeton, Minnesota, TUCS Equipment Inc. can meet the equipment needs of food service operators and food processors worldwide.

We have solved difficult cooking, chilling, packaging and product handling problems for huge multi-company world-brand processors AND for small regional packers and specialty processors.

The TUCS TILTING VERSA VESSEL is a low rim height, tilting, trough-shaped vessel with a horizontal mixing scraper agitator for the production of liquid, semi-viscous and viscous products (soups, sauces, stews, mashed potatoes, refried beans, etc.). This agitator lifts the heavy particulate off the bottom and moves them to the top while pulling the floating particulate to the bottom, in a gentle mixing, folding action.

Pre-piped for single point attachment to utilities and an integrated digital control panel with a pendant mounted digital HMI. An optional variety of blending agitators for different products are available upon request (protein and non-protein salads, meat mixtures, etc.).

For the commissary desiring a multipurpose machine to quickly chill packaged hot liquids and/or automatically cook and chill vacuum packaged non pumpable products. Available in 50, 100, 150, 200 and 300-gallon batch chill capacities (350, 750, 1,200, 1,500 and 2,000 lbs cook tank capacities respectively). The machine is equipped with an integral chilled water generator coupled to a remote refrigeration compressor thereby eliminating bulky problematic ice builders, falling film chillers or chilled glycol systems.

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