How a CVap® in your Kitchen Can Help You Stand Out

Nov 5, 2021

We’re shining the spotlight on some exciting and innovative advantages of Winston’s CVap® (Controlled Vapor) Technology that can inspire your cooking while decreasing food costs.

Thoughtfully designed commercial kitchen equipment can make your life better, especially when technology rewrites the rules for food quality.

A Rock-Solid Reputation

Since the 1980s, Winston Foodservice has been building an unparalleled reputation for providing unrivaled control over food quality.

Winston’s CVap® Technology is industry-changing. A mix of control, consistency, and mobility, with a dash of technology, repeatable results, is the perfect recipe to extend cooking possibilities beyond your conventional oven. Increasing food quality and maintaining food temperature is the bottom line when your sights are set on increasing yield and decreasing food cost.

What is CVap®?

CVap® (Controlled Vapor Technology) has been revolutionizing the way kitchens operate for decades. With the goal of keeping food at its freshest for as long as operators need, CV, short for Controlled Vapor, surrounds the food with vapor to ensure no moisture is unintentionally lost or added.

Winston Foodservice originally created CVap® for Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, transforming the fast-food industry. (Vapor with Fried Chicken? Yes, it works!)

Winston’s highly versatile CVap® foodservice equipment overcomes the shortcomings of traditional ovens and traditional hot holding cabinets. It allows you to truly expand your menu, offering operators the opportunity to increase cooking volume and extend the holding in any commercial kitchen.

How Does CVap® Work?

All commercial kitchen equipment uses hot air to affect food, and some even use “humidity” to improve control. CVap® technology controls evaporation by precisely matching the cabinet’s vapor temperature and pressure to the vapor pressure of the food. Pair that with air heat to control texture, and you have an unbeatable combination.

Why CVap®?

Food costs are soaring, labor (of any kind) is more difficult to find and retain. Operators need to maximize food yield and labor; Winston’s CVap® helps with both.

Elevate Food Service Group Food Cost Savings

Elevate Food Service Group Increased Yield

Elevate Food Service Group Labor Savings

Elevate Food Service Group Overnight Cooking

Elevate Food Service Group Shorter Ticket Times

Elevate Food Service Group Ventless Convenience

Seeing CVAP® is believing!

What makes CVap® unique? Check out this video that helps highlight our holding capabilities. Want to see it for yourself? Schedule time to meet with our Chef Jamie.

CVap® foodservice equipment offers the ability to bake, braise, confit, dehydrate, ferment, poach, roast, “sous vide”, steam, and then hold food unchanged until needed. It is perfect for operators with an eye for innovative kitchen equipment. Available in cook and hold ovens, retherm ovens, holding cabinets, and hold and serve drawers, there’s a size and configuration to fit every need.