2020 Young Lion Award Winner!

Oct 15, 2021

Wow, it feels like yesterday! We were chugging along in early 2020 and little did we know a pandemic was about to happen and turn our hospitality world upside down… a new company, 8 lines and hundreds of satisfied customers later, and we are excited to share Elevate Foodservice Group is on the map and closing 2021 strong!

That said, it’s important we take a moment to reflect and give a major shout out to our founder, Mitch Marcotte for his accomplishments in the pre-pandemic world. Mitch was the proud recipient of the 2020 Young Lion Award and featured in FER. “I love the opportunity to give back to the industry and invest in improving the rep function and how we go to market.” Says Mitch.

Back in early 2020, it didn’t feel right to celebrate this achievement when so much pain and suffering was happening around us, but we are proud of what we’ve accomplished since and where we are heading in the future.