Streivor Air Systems: Ensuring Fire Safety in Commercial Kitchens

Jun 15, 2023

Ensuring fire safety in commercial kitchens is critical for restaurant owners, managers, and culinary teams. One company that has been synonymous with excellence in this field is Streivor Air Systems. To better understand the role of commercial kitchen Hoods and Hood Systems in the design, building, safety, and the overall working environment of a commercial kitchen, Streivor experts provide educational materials for our industry.  

What is the importance of the Kitchen Hood?

A Hood is unlike any other piece of equipment in a commercial kitchen. It is an engineered piece of equipment that must be manufactured and installed in strict compliance with the prevailing codes and standards. The primary function of a Hood is to serve as a fire safety, life safety, and grease removal device.

What does a hood do?
What does a hood do?

What is a Hood System?

The Hood Enclosure is the foundation of the Hood assembly. The main code and standard requirements for Hoods pertain to the manufacturing of the Hood Enclosure and its installation. A soundly manufactured Hood Enclosure will support all the Hood accessories needed to customize each installation. Therefore, a Hood with a Hood Enclosure must be manufactured to meet or exceed all code and standard requirements.

A Hood is integrated and engineered into a Hood System that is installed as part of the building structure. The Hood will be inspected and must comply with all prevailing codes and standards. In most commercial kitchens, the Hood System will be the system that requires the most detailed amount of engineering and coordination between systems and trades.

Is There a Specific Requirement for a Hood for Commercial Kitchens?

A Hood makes up only a small percentage of the overall Hood System cost, yet it is the most critical component. Other Hood System components, such as the exhaust and supply fans and the exhaust and supply ducts will be dictated and engineered based on the engineering requirements of the Hood.


A Hood that is designed, engineered, manufactured, and installed correctly should provide years of protection and insurance. A Hood that is not designed, engineered, manufactured, and installed correctly may be an accident waiting to happen that could have tragic consequences.

Streivor Air Systems has made safety a cornerstone of its product design. Their innovative fire suppression systems, combined with other safety features, help create a safe and efficient working environment in commercial kitchens. By choosing Streivor, culinary teams can focus on serving their customers, knowing you have a reliable defense against potential kitchen fires.

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