Specializing in professional vacuum sealers since 1994.

Founded in 1994, Henkelman a Dutch company that specializes in professional vacuum sealers. They develop, manufacture & distribute worldwide approximately 15,000 machines a year to a network of 450 distributors in more than 80 countries. In 2015 Henkelman opened a facility in Chicago, Illinois.

Henkelman offers the most complete range of professional vacuum sealers, from compact CombiVac tabletop models up to larger floor models to meet your specific packaging needs. A professional vacuum sealer enables you to extend the shelf life of food products to protect and preserve their quality. Henkelman offers vacuum packaging solutions for a variety of applications within foodservice. The combivac models are versatile and ideal for industries requiring high-speed sealing, while the tabletop models are perfect for smaller operations where space is a constraint. Henkelman’s floor models deliver excellent performance for larger operations with their robust build and high-volume capability. These advanced vacuum sealers from Henkelman include a range of basic vacuum sealers to advanced CombiVac controls.

Traditional vacuum sealers are already a thing of the past. Henkelman has moved on to CombiVac. CombiVac incorporates Henkelman's Advanced Control System enabling their machine to offer more than a sealed bag. Most sealers use time settings on their machines. CombiVac uses sensors that drive intelligent functions expanding the use of your Henkelman.

CombiVac functions include:

Elevate Food Service Group Sensor control
Elevate Food Service Group Marinating
Elevate Food Service Group Red meat
Elevate Food Service Group Tenderizing
Elevate Food Service Group Sequential vacuum
Elevate Food Service Group HACCP compliance
Elevate Food Service Group 20 program memory
Elevate Food Service Group Label printer
Elevate Food Service Group Multi-level user access
Elevate Food Service Group USB connection for programming and HACCP

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GreenVAC is an environmentally friendly reusable vacuum packaging system specially manufactured to not collapse under an industry-best 99.8% vacuum!

The GreenVAC multi-purpose pan revolutionizes the food waste & food prep in foodservice.

This Vac-pan system is designed to hold a full vacuum (up to 99.8). This means you can bulk prep/purchase because it keeps fresh and freshly cooked foods fresh for 2-3 weeks when stored at 41f. Multiple savings in food cost & labor, all while keeping your kitchen teams ready for the unexpected.

Benefits include:

Elevate Food Service GroupIncreased shelf life of fresh & freshly cooked food products
Elevate Food Service GroupBulk prep once a week vs every day
Elevate Food Service GroupCook, chill, store/transport, retherm & serve all in the same pan
Elevate Food Service GroupMarinate, brine, tenderize, infuse & pickle in minutes
Elevate Food Service GroupMultiple sizes – can be used in any size kitchen operation

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Henkelman Aero

Henkelman Aero

Invacus: Keeping fresh…longer!

Invacus: Keeping fresh…longer!

Henkelman Combivac Vacuum Sealers

Henkelman Combivac Vacuum Sealers