Elevate Employee Spotlight: Tiffany Schmitt, Sales & Marketing Manager

Mar 4, 2024

Meet Tiffany Schmitt, a vital and creative part of our Elevate team! Tiffany has carved a niche in the company through her dedication and outstanding people skills.

Tiffany’s career in account management includes time working with MillerCoors and RATIONAL, and a Corporate Account Lead to Amazon. With 1.5 years under her belt at Elevate, Tiffany has seamlessly transitioned into her current role, bringing her experience and a customer-first attitude.

“The biggest part of my job is being able to help people,” she says. Whether it’s solving a problem for someone internally or externally, Tiffany thrives on fixing issues. Additionally, she’s embraced the marketing aspects of her role, allowing her creativity to shine and bring fresh ideas to the table.

Tiffany Schmitt
Tiffany’s professional journey has been driven by a consistent theme — her natural inclination to prioritize customer satisfaction. This customer-centric approach has shaped her professional outlook and continues to guide her work at Elevate.

Elevate’s fun yet professional environment is a perfect fit for Tiffany. She appreciates the company’s genuine open-door policy and the open discussions that allow for collective problem-solving and growth. “The type of environment is the biggest plus of all,” Tiffany notes, highlighting how crucial the supportive and collaborative culture at Elevate is to her job satisfaction.

Tiffany advises those starting out in their career or looking to join the foodservice industry to embrace continuous learning and adaptability. The industry’s fun nature, coupled with the ever-changing landscape, offers endless opportunities for growth and development.


Outside of work, Tiffany has been married for ten years. She is deeply involved in her 8-year-old daughter’s dance activities, finds cooking a therapeutic outlet, and enjoys having dance parties with her family. “I learned a lot of cooking and baking from my grandmother growing up,” she shared.

How would customers describe Tiffany in three words? She says, “bubbly, helpful, and responsive,” which are all fantastic traits in the foodservice industry! We’re proud to have Tiffany as part of our team and look forward to her continued contributions and her positive impact on those around her.

To talk about your equipment needs, contact Tiffany at 617-546-2360 or tiffanys@elevatefsg.com!