Elevate Employee Spotlight: Samantha Goins, Project Manager

Feb 14, 2024

Meet Samantha Goins, a pivotal member of the Elevate Foodservice Group. With a decade in the foodservice industry and two years at Elevate, Samantha brings experience and enthusiasm to her role as Project Manager.

Having been a server and bartender and having a father who owned a bar, Sam has a unique understanding of the industry, which shapes her approach to kitchen and bar design. She enjoys putting that knowledge to work to guide Elevate customers through equipment selection with a focus on efficiency and user experience.

Samantha had this advice for those entering the industry: “Product knowledge is very important — probably most important. Also, you need to understand the dynamics between manufacturers, dealers, and reps,” she said. “Customer relationships are built over time, but you need to know your products and understand the industry to earn trust.”

Samantha Goins
Culture has significantly influenced Sam’s enjoyment of working at Elevate. She attributes this mostly to transparent and open communication and President Mitch Marcotte’s willingness to embrace efficient technologies. “We are always looking for more productive and profitable solutions if that means it makes our jobs easier or better for our customers,” she shared.

Samantha works remotely from Ohio, living with her husband, three-year-old son, and two dogs. The flexibility of remote work allows her to be as productive as her Boston counterparts while not missing out on her three-year-old’s activities. Outside of work, Samantha’s family enjoys nature walks and zoo visits, and she and her husband go to food and wine tastings whenever they can.

Samantha’s approach to her work, influenced by her unique background and professional outlook, ensures that every project she manages resonates with the end users’ needs. When asked how her customers would describe her in three words, she replied, “responsive, knowledgeable, and a problem-solver.” We agree!

To talk about your equipment needs, contact Samantha at 617-546-2360 or samanthag@elevatefsg.com!