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What is your definition of fresh? Enter MultiFresh ® Next from IRINOX a multifunctional piece of equipment that can help every chef achieve his or her definition of fresh.

What can you accomplish with an appliance that has a temperature range from -38° F to +185° F?

Blast Chill

Shock freeze

Low temp cook

Melt chocolate



Add in their smart control panel…​

Low temp cook then auto chill or freeze

Low temp cook then hot hold

Thaw then hold cold then low temp cook

You get the point and trust us, there are many many more ways to utilize this technology….

MultiFresh® Next is the most powerful and efficient blast chiller on the market. IRINOX is the largest supplier of blast chillers and shock freezers in the world. They offer the largest selection of R290 cabinets in the United States under the MultiFresh® NEXT Series units. IRINOX branded products represent revolutionary technology, sustainability, power and innovation.

The MultiFresh® blast chiller is supplied with a MultiSensor® 3 point probe for perfect temperature control. The exclusive adjustable tray rack by IRINOX is used to alter the distance between trays every 20 mm, according to the thickness of the food, and to maximize the entire yield in lbs of MultiFresh®. The IRINOX patented sanification system, sanitizes every part of the chamber, including the areas that are difficult to access for cleaning (e.g. the evaporator, etc.).

The EasyFresh® Next blast chiller rapidly chills and freezes foods. No instructions needed: the blast chiller is intuitive and quick to program. The EasyFresh® Next blast chiller speeds up chilling processes, increasing productivity.

The speed of cycles allows better organization of production in the kitchen, optimizing management of personnel and preparation of dishes. It offers 4 cycles for chilling and freezing, preserving product freshness for longer. IRINOX blast chillers work by extracting heat as quickly as possible. Many years ago, IRINOX developed the delicate and strong cycles to ensure appropriate treatment of different food types, maintaining quality, color, consistency and softness.

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