Hestan Commercial

Award winning innovation. Purpose built performance.

Hestan Commercial, no need to sacrifice beauty for durability. Prior to launching their commercial division, the Hestan team spent years listening to and consulting with acclaimed chefs to develop purpose-built, innovative products for the professional kitchen. Originally known for beautiful heavy-duty custom cooking suites, Hestan has grown to offer much more.

From Hestan Vineyards to Hestan Smart Cooking to Hestan Commercial, Hestan is truly committed to the enjoyment and experience food brings to all of us. When you choose Hestan, you are supporting a brand invested in hospitality.

From 2015 (when the company was launched) to 2020, Hestan has received 17 awards for various innovative designs.

Hestan Commercial:

Fit and finish above all

Extreme durability & cleanability

Industry-leading 4 Year warranty

Made in the U.S.A.

Create your dream kitchen with Hestan’s completely modular suite system. Rangetops, ovens, salamanders, refrigeration, fryers – get the performance your food demands, placed right where your line needs it. Suites can be configured as a double-unit depth (back-to-back) or single-unit depth to fit your kitchen footprint.

Heavy-duty counterbalanced oven doors prevent soufflé shattering slams and seal shut for exceptional heat retention.

Hestan salamanders adjust to the chef with complete horizontal movement across the station wall and easy vertical height adjustment.

A combination of stainless steel outer ring and cast-iron center ring delivers both maximum heat and optimum temperature gradient. Easily removable for direct flame cooking.

Get premium performance when space is at a premium. The HestanChef Range Series delivers purpose-built performance to any footprint. Choose from an array of surface configurations including burners, griddles or charbroilers. Then add convection or standard ovens, storage or even refrigeration below. With the flexibility of a standalone freestanding unit, the HestanChef Range Series delivers next-level power and award-winning innovation to even the most challenging layouts.

Elevate Food Service Group Widths from 36" - 72"
Elevate Food Service Group Multiple Cooking Surface Options: Charbroiler, Open Burners, Sealed Burners or Griddles
Elevate Food Service Group Multiple Base Options: Cabinet Base, Convection Oven, Refrigerated Base, Standard Oven

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Hestan Commercial

Hestan Commercial