Elevate Welcomes Brunner Anliker as Our Newest Manufacturer

May 3, 2024

Elevate now represents Brunner Anliker, a renowned Swiss manufacturer known for its exceptional food processing technology. Celebrating a century of innovation, Brunner Anliker’s legacy was built on precision and sustainable practices, a perfect fit with Elevate’s commitment to high-quality, durable foodservice solutions.

Committed to Craftsmanship

Located in the heart of Switzerland, Brunner Anliker operates with a dedicated team with expertise in cutting, grating, grinding, and separating. Their product line includes vegetable and fruit slicers, meat slicers, cheese graters, and more. Each blade is hand-ground, and every friction plate undergoes individual stamping, grinding, and embossing. This attention to detail results in the superior performance and durability of their equipment.

Brunner Anliker’s Professional Vegetable Slicers are not just your ordinary slicers. They come with discs for up to 50 different cuts, including fine slicing, coarse cuts, dicing, grating, julienne, and other special cuts. This versatility allows for plenty of creativity in the kitchen. And the slicers are designed for easy cleaning in the dishwasher, saving you valuable time and effort!

Focused on Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of Brunner Anliker’s operations. The company’s innovative “drawing cut” technology enhances the efficiency of food processing and preserves the nutrients and vitamins in fruits and vegetables. It is modeled to be as close to hand-cut as possible. This results in a longer shelf life for processed foods, contributing to less waste and greater cost efficiency.

Additionally, the equipment is designed for maximum working comfort with an ergonomically correct 45-degree position that makes prep easier, saves time, and is less demanding on your staff.

Brunner Anliker’s vegetable slicers are energy efficient, consuming up to 50% less energy than comparable machines at 260 watts. The materials used in their products, including forged steel for blades and high-quality stainless steel and glass fiber composite for machine construction, ensure longevity and reduce the environmental footprint.

With Brunner Anliker now part of the Elevate family, we are excited to offer our customers the best food processing equipment, with options designed for restaurants, healthcare, and commercial kitchens of all sizes. 

Explore the innovative solutionsBrunner Anliker brings to the table and let’s talk about solutions to improve efficiency for you.