Elevate Foodservice Group Adds Hoshizaki as a Premium Manufacturer

Aug 7, 2023

Elevate proudly shares that we now represent Hoshizaki refrigeration products. When it comes to commercial refrigeration, quality is non-negotiable. Hoshizaki has earned its reputation as a top-tier brand by consistently delivering superior, durable products like Steelheart upright, undercounter, and prep table refrigeration.

With mid-level pricing, high-quality construction, and customization options on a wide range of equipment, Hoshizaki is a leader in the industry. 


Keeping Things Cool with Technology

Hoshizaki’s refrigeration airflow design is a unique feature that differentiates them from other manufacturers. The efficient design ensures that cold air is distributed equally within the system. This way, food is surrounded by cold air at all times, ensuring freshness and reducing waste.
With Hoshizaki’s TXV system, temperature control is under control. During peak times, refrigeration temperatures can rise and severely threaten food safety if not appropriately controlled. With Hoshizaki’s TXV system, refrigerant flow is quickly and effectively reduced to control the temperature. The system ensures food-safe temperatures, speedy recovery, and energy-efficient operation.

Hoshizaki is at the forefront of incorporating technology into its equipment. Their refrigeration units are engineered with energy efficiency to help you save on operating costs while reducing your environmental impact with eco-friendly R290 Hydrocarbon refrigerant.


Trusted and Respected Brand

As a globally recognized brand, Hoshizaki has gained the trust of restaurant owners, chefs, and hospitality professionals worldwide. Choosing Hoshizaki for your refrigeration ensures that you’re aligning your business with a well-established, industry-leading name.

Hoshizaki’s commitment to quality includes worry-free extended factory warranties for Steelheart refrigeration products. Starting from July 1, 2022, all products manufactured on or after this date are eligible. Compressors come with a generous 7-year warranty, parts are covered for six years, and labor is fully protected for five years. With these extended warranties, you can enjoy peace of mind and focus on your business and customers.

Zero Clearance

Hoshizaki has proven to be a top-of-the-line manufacturer that provides durable and sustainable refrigeration solutions that meet the highest safety standards. Their TXV system and unique airflow design reduce waste, ensuring that food maintains freshness longer. Hoshizaki’s affordability, eco-friendly approach, and extensive product range with outstanding warranties make Hoshizaki an ideal choice for reliable refrigeration equipment. 

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