Elevate Adds the Spaceman to our Line Card

Apr 8, 2024

We are excited to announce our newest manufacturer, Spaceman USA, an industry leader known for innovation and quality in frozen beverage and soft serve equipment. Spaceman equipment can be a fun and profitable addition to your operation.

Sophistication in Soft Serve

Spaceman is synonymous with reliable and durable soft serve machines with a user-friendly design. Catering to a wide array of business sizes, from small cafes to busy ice cream parlors, Spaceman’s soft serve machines stand out for their efficiency and consistency. These machines are designed to ensure that every serving of soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato is smooth, rich, and creamy. Whether it’s a compact countertop model for space-saving needs or a high-volume floor model designed for heavy traffic, Spaceman has the perfect solution to meet and exceed your soft serve requirements.

Frozen Drink Machines: A Cool Wave of Innovation

Ideal for restaurants and bars, Spaceman’s frozen beverage machines are built to deliver a variety of frozen beverages, like slushies, granitas, margaritas, or any frozen cocktails. Spaceman’s frozen drink machines are engineered for maximum efficiency and ease, ensuring a smooth, consistent texture with every pour. The precision technology used allows for quick freeze times and reduced energy consumption, making them a smart choice for any business looking to add a profitable frozen beverage program.

“Spaceman USA is an innovative and fun company,” said Mitch Marcotte, Elevate president. “People tend to think of soft serve and frozen beverages in hot weather, but businesses can use Spaceman equipment year-round to offer unique treats like hot-chocolate topped soft serve or Affogato (espresso-topped soft serve). Seasonal frozen beverages are always popular, too.”

At Elevate, we are dedicated to supporting our clients from start to finish — selection, installation, and beyond. Whether you are planning to enhance your menu with soft serve or introducing frozen beverages, watch your sales rocket with Spaceman!

Soft serve and frozen beverage machines are in stock now. Get in touch for more information or to order your equipment!