Chill-Rite 32

Specializing in beer and beverage dispensing systems and frost rails. Made in America.

Chill-Rite 32, their guarantee is stated in the name. Chill-Rite is an engineering and manufacturing corporation located in Slidell, Louisiana that specializes in beer and beverage dispensing systems and frost rails. Their systems incorporate easy installation, operation, low maintenance and superior quality and performance.

Chill-Rite personifies the American Dream. A family-owned business that was started in 1968 as a refrigeration service company has evolved into the leading manufacturer of beer and beverage dispensing equipment. Chill-Rite is a small business that still believes in customer service that includes experts who can articulate and advise any customer on the best products for his/her application. That level of customer service paired with superior technology leads to extreme customer satisfaction.

Engineered to deliver 32° degree beer (or any other desired temperature within 1° accuracy).

The highest keg yield in the industry. Third party studies prove an average of 95% keg yield, with some operators achieving more than 95%. Traditional beer systems can lose up to 25% or more of draft beer due to inefficiencies.

Solutions for short runs or lines up to 500'

Water delivery: Ambient, chilled flat and chilled sparkling on tap. Lower your cost and save bottles.

Wine: Within 1° we can dispense white or red.

Coffee: Cold Brew or Nitro.

Cocktail: Batch mixing will improve consistency and speed of service.

Recessed and insulated Frost Rail can be built into the bar top

Creates an aesthetically pleasing and unique look at the bar

Builds a crisp, dry layer of frost on the bar top

Ideal for patrons to rest beer mugs and cocktails upon

Remote refrigeration system with built-in defrost

Custom manufactured to fit your bar design

Incorporated heating system that eliminates condensation from rotting your bar