Turn Efficiency into Profits

Aug 1, 2022

Elevate Foodservice Group has the tools to maximize your profits for years to come. We are prepared to teach you how to deploy the following initiatives to grow and protect your business:  

  • Go green
  • Minimize food waste  
  • Increase production efficiency 
  • Watching costs across all operations

Going green sounds daunting and expensive but we know how to translate it into real cash savings and a streamlined production. 

The Invacus GreenVAC Packaging System and the IRINOX MulitFresh Next are cutting food waste, production time and utility costs, paying for themselves.

Vacuum Seal Yourself to Savings 

If you are looking for more sustainable storage solutions than the recyclable GreenVAC Vacuum Seal Bags, the GreenVAC Packaging System is your answer. This reusable and dishwasher safe system stops you from sending any plastic to the recycling center, reducing your number of trash pickups per week. One dumpster pick up is $178 per week. Let’s say you eliminate one a month, that’s $2,136 per year. GreenVAC Packaging doesn’t just affect your waste pick-up costs. It extends your food life 2-5 times its natural length, cutting the 4-10% of food waste each restaurant experiences prior to service. At $5,000 a week in food costs for a small establishment, that translates to $10,400 in savings on the low end. Extension of the life of your food, allowing you to batch weeks of food at once, and reducing labor costs on your line are just a few of the benefits offered. If you cut out 3 hours a week in prep from 1 line cook at $15 an hour, you would save $2,340 annually. 

Blast Chill Your Utility Costs  

Combine vacuum sealing with the IRINOX MultiFresh Next for storage to take your savings further and make your carbon footprint smaller. The MultiFresh Next uses a new natural refrigerant propane gas, R-290, reducing the carbon impact of food storage. But how does that translate into savings? A multi-year study by Frontier Energy showed that operators can save, on average, a third of their energy operating costs by replacing older technology with newer, more energy efficient equipment. The average cost of gas and electricity for a restaurant per month is $1,000. One-third of that is $333 in savings a month. In addition to utlitiy cost savings you will also extend shelf life of your food by properly and quickly blast chilling through the danger zone, sometimes, doubling or tripling expiration dates.

Freeze Your Bar Losses  

Chill-Rite 32 remote beverage delivery system puts a freeze on wasted beer. The versatile, customizable tap systems boast a 95% keg yield with even higher yields for specific clients. The average keg waste is 20%, on a 20-tap bar, this translates to 26,000 wasted pints per year. At $5 per pint, you’re potentially looking at $130,000 in missed revenue annually according to Modern Restaurant Management. With the 95% keg yield from Chill-Rite, taking your beer loss from $130,000 to $32,500 annually, a savings of $97,500. The ability to deliver multiple products through the same Chill-Rite system creates lower bev costs and lower bev waste across all beverage menus. Investing in Chill-Rite is investing in your profit margin. 

Streamline Your Expo Times 

The high temp searing Plancha Griddle from Woodstone brings versatility and efficiency to your kitchen line with zone cooking. Offering flat tops in electric and gas, the Plancha is tailored to your kitchen. The electric has multiple temperature zones, preparing different items at different temperatures simultaneously. Add a divider to the gas model isolates zones and prevent cross contamination from allergens and dietary restrictions. Implementing zone cooking cuts ticket times by shortening prep times and eliminating inefficiencies in holding and plating dishes. This means more customers served each shift, which means more money for your bottom line. 

Take Breakage Out of Your Equation 

The last place to protect your costs in this climate of high inflation, is breakage. TableCraft outfits complete foodservice venues from BOH to FOH, for a variety of markets. Melamine is durable and beautiful, and the answer to reducing breakage and replacement costs while keeping your table top stunning. Cut your replacement costs to 10-20%, down from 50-150% for porcelain dishware. The new Simple Service line is perfect for outdoor service poolside or grab- and-go al fresco dining and year round in-room service for healthcare facilities. 

Combining all these systems, this chart shows  the breakdown of your potential savings:

*These numbers (based on a small restaurant with 20 taps), are calculated at the lower end of the percentages offered. Total savings will vary based on the establishment. 

New sustainability requirements and compliance regulations for presentation, food storage and labor will continue to evolve. We are here to keep you ahead of the curve, at the forefront of innovations and in the black with strong ROIs, cost reduction, and lower carbon impact.