Maximize Revenue and Profit with Wood Stone’s OneRev Pizza Oven

May 25, 2023

One of the highest costs in our industry today is labor. One way to combat rising labor costs is with automation in foodservice equipment. Wood Stone’s OneRev Labor Saver Rotating Pizza Oven is a prime example of how purchasing the right equipment can reduce your labor expenses.

Artisanal Pizzas in One Rotation

Maximize Revenue

This amazing pizza oven from Wood Stone can cook pizzas of multiple sizes with various toppings. You’ll never have to worry about uneven baking because the oven is equipped with center, underfloor, and finish flames that ensure consistent results. Plus, you can keep loading pizzas one after the other without any downtime. The OneRev also has innovative dynamic thermal management and knows the location and size of each pizza and replenishes the heat only when and where it’s needed. With a responsive cooking surface, it is more efficient and uses less gas than traditional brick ovens.

Labor Savings

Increase Efficiency

Loading and unloading is the only skill required to operate the OneRev pizza oven, minimizing employee training and skill level needed to operate. There is no need for a trained, dedicated oven operator. It’s as simple as loading, baking, and removing!

The OneRev Labor Saver Rotating Pizza Oven allows you to maximize revenue and profit by improving time and labor efficiency.

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