Elevate Employee Spotlight: Mitch Marcotte, President & Founder

May 22, 2024

Welcome to our latest Elevate Foodservice Group Employee Spotlight, where we shine a light on the people who make our company exceptional. This month, we are featuring Mitch Marcotte, president and founder of Elevate. Let’s get to know Mitch a little more!

With a career spanning 19 years in the foodservice industry, Mitch started as an intern for a manufacturers’ rep firm.  Through hard work and dedication, he gained a deep understanding of the industry’s needs and nuances. In October 2020, Mitch founded Elevate, beginning of a new chapter dedicated to excellence and innovation.

What’s ahead for Elevate? Mitch shares exciting developments, including the addition of several manufacturers to the portfolio. He is also working diligently to secure another test kitchen location by year-end, a move that will enhance Elevate’s ability to demonstrate and educate about the latest in foodservice technology and equipment.

Mitch Marcotte

Mitch’s personal values of integrity and continuous learning are the pillars of his success. For those starting out in their career or looking to join the foodservice industry, Mitch advises, “realize that you are never going to learn it all, have an open mind, and learn every day about products and people.” He emphasizes, “You are never wrong to do the right thing,” a principle that underscores the importance of integrity in building a successful career.

How would Mitch’s customers describe him? Mitch hoped that they would say helpful, caring, and honest. These three words encapsulate his approach to business and life, reflecting his deep commitment to supporting his clients and fostering long-lasting, trust-based relationships.

Mitch enjoys staying active outside the office with hobbies like golf, pickleball, and skiing.

Fun fact — Mitch and his tournament partner, Jeff Tait from TableCraft, were crowned winners of MAFSI’s Inaugural Pickleball Tournament, held at the 2024 conference in January! He just finished serving a 10-year tenure on the MAFSI Board of Directors, where he contributed to shaping the industry’s future.

Get in touch with Mitch at 617-546-2360 or mitchm@elevatefsg.com!